Pro Process, LLC

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Pro Process, LLC

Founded in 2002 to address the growing machining demands of Metco Industries, Inc., this modern machining facility currently has grown to over 20,000 square feet and is located on the Metco property in St. Marys, Elk County, PA. PRO Process currently employees over 60 employees over three daily shifts, five days a week, in a new building which offers a very clean and climate controlled environment. At peak, over 12 million pieces were machined, assembled, or inspected annually, which complemented Metco's growing business.

Machining at Pro ProcessEquipment

22 Production Lathes
5 Production Mills
15 Drill Machines
Automated Tapping machines
Assembly presses
Quality Inspection equipment includes:
  • Automated Vision system
  • Marposs gauging system
  • OGP
  • Flatness Tester
  • Concentricity Tester


The number one goal of everyone at Pro Process is to work in a safe and clean environment. Employee pride continues to raise the bar when it comes to safety. Their dedication to detail and hard work resulted in nearly 3,500 consecutive safe days! That is 13 years without a lost time accident, and we strive everyday to reach that number and eventually exceed it. More information on our dedication to safety can be found on the Metco Safety Page.

Pro Process